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    “As I develop this infrastructure, I’m doing so with human rights in mind. HardenedBSD is in a very unique position. In 2020, I plan to provide production Tor Onion Services for the various bits of our infrastructure. HardenedBSD will provide access to its various internal services to its developers and contributors. The entire development lifecycle, going from dev to prod, will be able to happen over Tor.”

    I love it. Just make sure it’s all running on HardenedBSD or next-most-secure thing available. What so many services lack is the slightest trustworthiness in what they’re running on. That’s your main differentiator with very, little competition. Hopefully, the combo of organizational incentives, open code, and your own dedication will get contributors in helping you out.

    Now for commercial side. I warn you that prior attempts to commercialize that, from desktops to servers to hosting, have mostly failed since there’s little market for that. So, sell capabilities, convenience, trust, etc that just happens to come with strong resistance to hackers. Invest any commercial money mostly into whatever motivated them to buy. A portion is diverted to improving infrastructure and assurance of the product.

    That’s my recommendation for any security-focused goods now since most will buy everything but security. You gotta sorta trick the market into investing in system assurance while actually giving them what they pay for, too. ;)