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    1. tldr as a replacement for man

    This tool is not a replacement for man.

    Could have used a better sub-heading, something like tldr for command summary and examples

    1. jq as a replacement for sed/grep for JSON

    This is more like using the correct tool for the given input format. https://github.com/dbohdan/structured-text-tools has a nice list of tools for structured formats like json, xml, csv, yaml, etc.

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      I always considered it a pity that the tldr project didn’t reuse existing infrastructure by writing the documents in troff and placing them in their own section. So you’d run something like

      man 1tldr curl

      that could then easily be aliased to tldr.

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        what would the tldr project be then? a convention for a man page section with a new name? that doesn’t sound like a very impressive resume bullet.

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          Why not? The content is the same, it just doesn’t depend on an additional client to render the document?

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            yeah if you don’t have a custom client the github repo would be awfully bare. if a hiring manager asks to see a personal project, am i supposed to submit just a README?

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              The meat of the project are the documents, regardless of the fact if they were written in markdown or troff, so I still don’t really get your point. The clients aren’t even part of the main repository.

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                well i didn’t know that. but a true github user would never pass up the opportunity to write a custom command-line tool in their language of choice.

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        fd and ripgrep have affected how I work with my computer. Because of their speed, I no longer am so careful about putting every file into its proper directory. I now have a much looser and flatter directory structure, but it works because I can very easily and quickly find the information I need.

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          Surprised they didn’t include bat, one of my favourite “modern” tools.

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            I just installed this after some recommendations in the Reddit comments and so far it seems really cool!!

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              If you like it, check out other tools by the author - fd, hyperfine, hexyl, etc


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            I have found that glances, https://nicolargo.github.io/glances/, gives a nice overview of your system (I/O, network, processes, memory) and I haven’t used htop for a while now.

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              Judging by the title, I’ve expected to see GUI (“modern”) alternatives to command-line tools. That said, the suggested tools are perfect complements to standard tools.