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    I agree only somewhat. Writing an app against Parse (or Firebase, or similar) is not bad in and of itself – everyone has to choose a backend. But scattering Parse calls across your codebase is a bad idea. Using data access objects between your application code and each specific backend is harder up front, but then when you find out the database you’re using won’t exist in a year, having all your raw DB access isolated from the rest of your code is a godsend.

    It’s not just Parse. Scattering ActiveRecord calls across a Rails codebase, for example, brings the same problem.

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      Continuing with my role of providing classic references, here’s Tim Bray’s post on sharecropping from 2003 and a follow-up from 2008.

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        I’d love to see your classic references submitted as stories. :)

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          My problem is I always assume everyone surely knows them already.

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        To be fair, every line of code you wrote was probably a bad idea in one way or another.

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          haha, no shit.