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    mpv --wid=0

    Will achieve the same thing.

    Playing on a loop is also possible with:

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      Oh my.

      xeyes & mpv --wid=$(xwininfo | grep "Window id" | sed 's/ /\t/g' | cut -f4) ./Hayao\ Miyazaki\'s\ thoughts\ on\ an\ artificial\ intelligence-ngZ0K3lWKRc.mp4

      Wayland was a mistake.

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        Indeed. I wish nitpicker (from tud:os then genode) was adopted instead. But NIH syndrome is a thing.

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      Cool that this exists but… Who wants this?

      I barely see my desktop in the first place, and this uses up resources.

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        Probably a sign of my age but this makes me think of running XScreenSaver in the X11 root window…