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    Couple of questions:

    • how do I install updates? I tried freebsd-update but it seems not to be supported on it. make buildworld also failed (I don’t have the rpi3 it here right now and don’t remember). Am I required to cross compile the system for security updates?
    • does the audio (on board jack) work?
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      Unfortunatelly ARM32 and ARM64 are not Tier 1 architectures (only i386 and amd64 are) so there are not updates with freebsd-update. This will change with introduction of FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE … at the beginning of 2021 I think.

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        It’s understandable they don’t provide binary updates, but I was surprised I couldn’t just make a buildworld from the pi itself following this. I have to admit I haven’t looked too much in details, I will try again later.

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          The make buildworld process sometimes fails even on *-RELEASE versions.

          Submit a bug here - freebsd.org/send-pr.html - or describe your problem on the FreeBSD Forums - forums.freebsd.org - you will get lots of help there.