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My friend and I have been exploring what more information you can get from Github and how you can interpret it. We came up with a combined team skill of a group of developers.

DevHub is still evolving and we are evaluating different options now. Your feedback is more than welcome.


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    So, the thing where it’s only pulling from like 5 public repos? None of mine that it’s hitting have anything but MD in them (placeholder or docs repos).


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      Really sorry to hear that :(. I’m currently working on extending that limit by making people sing in using github. I will post progress on https://twitter.com/developers_hub :)

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      I tried adding my username to the comma separated list in the query string, it seems to be hanging on load…


      Never mind, it suddenly started working with my name.

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        Yes, the process takes quite some time since it needs to read information from Github API. I’m currently working on makings this faster :). Sorry for the inconvenience.

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          No problem, cool experiment!

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            One nice pattern I have seen for this is firing off a queue task and telling the user to check back later. One example of this is http://issuestats.com/

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              Thank you! This is one of the approaches I was considering. Keep tuned for more experiments and improvements on that part :)

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              This is very cool! :)

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            We will start receiving donations to try to move this forward :), thanks for all the support! Link to donations can be found the the experiment page