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    I’m further behind in the journey than this author. I’ve gone from paper logbooks to personal wiki to Evernote to Filofax to paper logbooks written with a livescribe pen that get saved in Evernote to Remarkable and I’m now at the beginning of the next iteration of paper logbooks. I find that, like this author, I get on best with mostly chronological notes, though I do have a small portable notebook in a bag that’s always on me and a large spacious notebook that’s usually at my desk.

    Two places where my scheme differs:

    1. I’m sufficiently aesthetic to use a fountain pen, very specific choice of ink (Diamante Dark Chocolate) and Moleskine notebooks. I enjoy the experience of that enough that it makes me want to write notes, which helps me to write notes (and is a reason that the Evernote/Remarkable ideas haven’t stuck fast)
    2. My archival system is a shoebox. In practice my need to revisit old notes falls off exponentially with age (of note).
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      I started using loose half-letter (similar to the size of A5) sheets w/ an appropriately sized clipboard, and it has been great. I’m able to lay out multiple pages in front of me, regardless of written order. Plus, I have several common templates I often use, since these sheets are loose I can run them through my printer to get the template imprinted. I typically do this in batches, that way I have a supply of template and blank sheets to pull from. When done, I number each page to xref it in later pages, and pull them out of the clipboard once there are enough pages to warrant removal (usually every other week). Then I scan the pages, append them to a PDF I keep on my phone and laptop, and put the pages in an archival box. I’m only a few months into this system, but I have to say, it’s felt like a game changer. I note that several elements the author describes in the article share some commonalities with my approach, which is neat.

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        I stopped keeping paper notebooks when I realized I never referenced them again. I recently switched to an eink device that recognized handwriting. Now I have an append-only daily journal that can also be searched via grep.

        As much as I like the idea of a paper notebook, I just have to accept it’s not how I work.

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          Indeed, only chronological ordering works for paper notes. I still prefer Moleskine used in a bullet journal like style though. Partly because Field Notes are expensive to send to Europe.