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    I asked over twitter what he attributed the performance to and he responded:

    “… hundreds of micro-optimizations, each yielding between 0.1% to 1.0% improvement (usually closer to 0.1%), add up over time.” - @DRichardHipp

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      Just for fun, a back-of-napkin calculation indicates that 400 0.1% improvements building upon each other will get you almost a 50% speedup, and around 700 0.1% improvements will get you to 2x. So, to grossly overgeneralize, small improvements over the lifetime of a project can eventually end up making a big difference.

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        Note that in order to benefit from this, you need to prevent 0.1% regressions.

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          WebKit for example has a zero regression policy, but I’m not sure how strictly it’s enforced. 0.1% is within the margin of error unless you are testing very rigorously.

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      This is always great news!

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        sqlite is amazingly light and fast as it is… But since it’s use is so universal, this will make a difference in life.

        ps: If you ever need a gui front end to sqlite, the firefox addon sqlitemanager is fantastic.

        Quite the best datamining tool available.

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          I work on SQLCipher so I’ve become accustom to using the command line shell interface, however there slowly becoming alternative GUI options available for folks.

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            Can you recommend any Open Source app for SQLite on OS X?

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          Also: 3.8.11(.1) has been released.

          I thought the subject sounded familiar. 3.8.7 had a similar note about lots of cumulative microoptimizations.