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    I’m sorry but I will not take your manifesto seriously if you misspell possessive “its”.

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      satire, for better or worse, doesn’t appear to be the right tag for this. practices maybe?

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        You know, I thought so too. Then I saw this post right before it https://blog.cleancoder.com/uncle-bob/2018/12/14/SJWJS.html

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          Thanks for that link. That ranting about “SJWs” reminds me of ESR. Unsurprisingly no links or attributions for the (straw man) quotes, like this one:

          Then, sometime later, the software SJWs told us: “all the Agile/XP stuff (like pairing, TDD, etc) doesn’t seem to work for a heterogenous team” because: the Agile Manifesto was “developed by a bunch of white dudes”.

          Who is he even pretending to quote here?

          Regarding the manifesto,

          We, The Unoffended:

          • Are not offended by what you do, what you say, or who you are.

          Am I wrong if I read it like this?:

          You are not one of us if you are offended by what we say or do.

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            Not satire.

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          I don’t get what is wrong about this post.