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    Academic fraudsters need to carefully pick their field. There is lots of data associated with medical trials, which increases the risk of being caught. Software engineering is a good choice for fraudsters.

    Hardly any software engineering papers get retracted.

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      You’re so focused on grinding your little axe, you only see the risk side and not the rewards. The best place for fraud is still finance, despite being awash in data. Advertising’s great too. As for academic fields, biotech and medicine have the kind of big money and perverse incentives that make fraud inevitable. Would-be authorities on “software engineering” can’t even make claims that could be taken seriously enough to be worth retracting.

      Here, gaze upon the “Replication crisis” and broaden your scope a little.

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        This is a software related site, so I focus on software. What you say about finance and biotech may well be true.

        Yes, fields that do experiments have a replication crisis. Software engineering has yet to reach the stage where enough experiments are done for this to be a serious issue.