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Very accessible introduction to Path tracing rendering. A bit light on Go, but very enjoyable.


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    It is very confusing that the Go language conference is called GopherCon - I mistake it for a conference on the gopher protocol, every time I see the name.

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      I kind of think its their nefarious plan to wipe out the gopher protocol. The people behind the Go language must know the internet protocol, so picking the name ‘Gopher’ must be intentional. Perhaps google never liked gopher. Or the gopher could potentially hurt their business?

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        I’d like to believe that the “cute” gopher mascot was a playful thing that took off and with which people identified, anthropomorphism is surprisingly successful for adoption.

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          “Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence” :-) - in this case it is probably more a case of not thinking that gopher, the protocol, has much widespread use/“mindshare”, I’d say. Which arguably is correct, albeit ignoring history a little [too] much.

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        I was disappointed it had nothing to do with gopher.