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    Really great writeup, thanks! I appreciated how each of the chosen items had clearly described why, and how the companies got to participate this year. This might be a good change.

    Given how welcoming and supportive Haskell community is, I’m a bit surprised by the choice of repl.it, in light of recent bullying by their CEO. But again, given the timelines it is impossible to make a change.

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      Thank you!

      Yeah, the repl.it story was weird. Maybe it wasn’t super clear in the post, but repl.it was more something we used last year in a pinch, because VSCode LiveShare failed us. We probably won’t be using it this year, not because of the drama, but because we’re doing something slightly different for the mob programming session. Either way, it now has a bit of a sad feeling, especially since the platform seemed like such a positive environment before, and we were hoping it could be great to recommend to beginners.

      edit: Added a little note that we will be a bit more hesitant to endorse repl.it for beginners. It’s still a very quick way to get started, but with ghcup, language server and all the other amazing ecosystem advances, it’s fairly easy to set up Haskell anyway.