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    I don’t like the way Apple will hold fixes when there’s a major update in the pipeline. I think the Unicode reset bug was fixed in iOS 7? But if you were on 6 and didn’t want to join the early adopter ranks, tough cookies. Still, a fix delivered in a way I don’t like is infinitely better than no fix.

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      I didn’t read the entire article, but I will say that there is perhaps a bit more to this story. I’ve been a fi member since July and the experience has been good for me. The registration process has been fantastic, much better than any att, tmobile, or verizon experience I’ve ever had. The hardware support and phone experience is simple and clear… dare I say I love less choices? Travelling to 4 countries and being charged less than $1 for data usage for the week… that’s awesome. So here’s where I think this is different. Comparing google as a carrier isn’t quite apples to apples. The Fi project must implement multiple carriers, and wifi. The hold up on the 6.0 OTA (it is available and you can install it) is that they are getting certified on Band 12 VoLTE for tmobile. There are also some other implications with that because of the 911/emergency calling (legal?). Anyhow, anytime you have to certify something it takes time. I’m not trying to justify this, just provide some perspective perhaps. They’re new to wireless, it’s not flawless, and they’re doing things no one else is.