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    For those of us who don’t want to run a Google JavaScript application to get this content:

    Hey GAM users/developers,

    I wanted to quickly announce an open source, 2-clause BSDL project I’ve started that uses GAM to help migrate an organization away from Google.

    I’m developing the project on HardenedBSD, though HardenedBSD is not a hard requirement. It’s simply the OS I use.

    I’m planning on supporting at least email and Drive. I’m slowly turning the code from Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to production-quality and as such I haven’t really documented much of anything. Once I’ve solidified email support, I plan to document everything.

    Hopefully this tool is useful for someone else. I suck at naming things, so I chose the rather bland name of “migrationator”. The link to the project is just above my email signature below.

    $ bin/migrate.zsh userlist -o /tmp/userlist.csv
    $ bin/migrate.zsh email -i /tmp/userlist.csv -o /vault/migrations

    Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



    – Shawn Webb
    Senior Security Engineer
    G2, Inc., a Huntington Ingalls Industries company

    Mobile: +1 786-220-1245
    PGP Key Fingerprint: D8B0 B100 144A C02B 5AAD FEFD 84D2 BCE5 6387 0DD0

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      Would love to read it, but it requires a Google login.

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        Turns out it all was an elaborate trolling scheme…

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          Haha. I’m pretty sure you’re joking, but just in case:

          My employer (G2, Inc) was acquired by Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). G2 uses G Suite while HII uses self-hosted Exchange. I’m tasked with migrating the entirety of G2 away from all Google services to HII’s self-hosted versions. This poorly-named tool is what’s coming out of that work.

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        As a Linux w/ Bash user the dependency on zsh is a little annoying but I get it. Hope this becomes something mature and stable.

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          I have blocked Google (and also Facebook, Microsoft and some others) domains using my own DNS server, so I can not read your article published at groups.google.com. Is that article still relevant for me?

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            Hey, if you want to migrate to Office 365 from GSuite, my company SkyKick offers that: https://www.skykick.com/migrate/google-apps-to-office-365/

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              Extremely relevant and he disclosed his employment. Why the downvotes?

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