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    A Fast Twitter Alternative mobile sublevel.net
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    I really wish Twitter had some realistic competition, but the truth is that none of the alternatives will stick. Twitter will be replaced in a few years by something completely different, not a Twitter clone.

    Maybe I’m wrong, however I’d like to know the goals and motivations of people who write Twitter clones – even though in this case Sublevel is not exactly a clone like identi.ca/GNUsocial, it has some new ideas.

    They might attract a small, strong community, there’s no denying that, but do they really think they can compete with Twitter? Are they doing by just the fun of it, as a hobby project?

    If the creator of Sublevel is around here I’d love to know what’s in their mind :)

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      I saw “authored by” and realised the creator is right here; and indeed, you can get a bit of a story by the lobste.rs post history alone.