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      Maintaining an identity is hard, keep in mind.

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        I’m trying to deal with something like this for myself. How much I want to separate my ‘professional’ persona from the side of me that constantly posts about being gay, NSFW things, and the like. I don’t have a good answer.

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          Just have an anonymous account somewhere on fediverse, seems to be working fine for others.

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          I’m separating all my “gaming” stuff from my official open-source-contributing real name persona. Not for a real good reason, mostly it’s an experiment and literally nothing is at stake.

          Here’s what I do:

          • different (free) email addresses
          • different domain hosters
          • different server IPs
          • different twitter & fediverse handles
          • obviously not the same nickname
          • 2 different browsers, so I don’t accidentally post as the other persona

          Is this completely doxing-proof? No, someone with enough time and knowledge will make the right connections.

          Am I 100% safe here? No, I’ve had to delete comments and force push to repos because I messed up (but so far I think I’ve managed to notice in <1min every time), my defense would be “needs some digging and not just a google search”.

          Also I’ve posted my gaming blog’s url in channels where only friends are, so it’s only separated 100% from one side.

          If I was really serious about this I’d take more care, like only using TOR or simply use another computer/VM with VPN permanently on to not have the same ip address, probably not using Google accounts on at least one of the personas - but I feel some of the steps taken in the article are taking it a little far, for needless reasons.

          Like… downloading that Linux ISO from a public wifi. Not sure if the author will manage to 100% not leak to their ISP that they are connecting from that computer with that OS. And that’s the only piece of metadata I can think of right now, when using a VPN all the time.

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      Quite an interesting read, didn’t know services like silent.link exist. Might be useful sometime.

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      I like the Ho Chi Minh approach also. So many identities with potential crossover that they’re all totally the same guy - but are they?