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Are any Lobsters looking for work?

Attached is a template that could be useful, with some ideas for each field

Location: [City / Country | Remote]

Type of Work: [Software Engineer, QA, Project Manager, Co-founder, etc…]

Hours: [Full Time, Part Time, Contract]

Contact: XXXXX

Description: [Anything you want to say about yourself; skills, experience, etc…

Similarly there is a thread for Q32019 with who is hiring: https://lobste.rs/s/dsrrqd/who_is_hiring_q32019

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    Location: Cluj / Romania | Remote

    Type of Work: UI/UX designer and developer

    Hours: Full Time / Part Time / Contract

    Contact: bartus.csongor@gmail.com


    I’m a designer and developer with 10+ years experience creating web sites and apps. Works featured in online galleries and theme stores.

    I’m looking for a long term, full time job preferably in a non-profit environment. I’m capable to design, develop and scale web and mobile apps using the React and AWS ecosystems.

    Meantime I can be helpful as a freelancer in smaller projects even commercial ones, on various stacks like WordPress, static site generators, classic HTML/SCSS/BEM, headless CMS with React front-end, and co.

    Portfolio: http://metamn.io/

    Blog: http://metamn.io/beat/

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      Location: [Remote]

      Type of Work: infrastructure, systems, operations

      Hours: Full Time

      Contact: michael@biven.org

      Description: I have 20 years experience building and running platforms with technology. Half of that time I was leading the teams and the direction of the infrastructure used. From small startups to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. In roles from an individual engineer, engineering manager and director, to the sole technical person. Combined with my previous experience as a firefighter and fire inspector I bring a unique focus on safety, security, leadership, infrastructure and operations. A desire to satisfy the boring and necessary dull work makes this possible. I love solving challenging problems, leading teams, and removing the unnecessary.

      Blog: http://biven.org

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        Location: Portland, OR, USA (UTC-7) | Remote

        Type of Work: Manager/Sr Mgr, for data admin or software development

        Hours: Full Time

        Contact: my username @ phaedrusdeinus.org


        I’ve been in my career for over 20 years. I’ve been a developer, a software architect, a DBA, a team lead, a manager, and a middle manager. Currently have four teams reporting to me covering databases, data warehouses, and big compute (MapR Hadoop), all told with something close to 20PB of data. Have experience working with companies as small as four people, and as large as the mid-thousands.

        As a manager, I’m very low turnover, even in morale-challenging situations. I’ve got experience dealing with both growth-scenario and budget-restricted teams. And I have a great deal of experience in remote management.

        As a technologist, I’m a bit rusty on my coding, but very solid on data architecture and a variety of data technologies. Experienced with both cloud and on-prem.

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          Location: Portland, OR, USA | Remote

          Type of Work: Software Engineer

          Hours: Full Time, Contract

          Contact: PM or stephen.judkins@gmail.com

          Description: I’ve spent the last four years writing mostly Scala but have broad experience in the software industry, and am willing to work with all sorts of technologies. I have written front-end code in the past. I’m currently running a small team that focuses on developer ergonomics, build tooling, large-scale refactoring, and support of other developers, but have led teams that have worked with non-technical stakeholders and delivered features. I value clear, robust, reliable, and efficient code. I understand and am comfortable dealing with cryptography-related code. I am familiar with performance-sensitive networking and could be valuable in that context.

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            Location: Canada | Remote (Atlantic Standard Time)

            Type of work: Software developer

            Hours: Part/Full time

            Contact: calvin cmpct.info


            I have been developing software as a hobby for years, and currently getting credentials to prove that I can. My most interesting skill is that I have experience in software portability, porting complex applications and runtimes such as Mono, htop, irssi, and Erlang to platforms such as Haiku, AIX, and IBM i; this is done by understanding the nuances of a platform, how it relates to the requirements of the application. In addition to developing ports, I have done integration work such as packaging and extending ports to take advantage of native functionality. Working with upstream and collaborating with them effectively has become second nature to me.

            As well as porting software, I have experience writing software for “normal” platforms, including C#/.NET (my most familar environment; in particular with desktop applications) and JavaScript/node.js (creating drop-in replacement for another CMS and integration with external softare), and base familarity with other languages from F# to Perl. I can also administrate a wide variety of platforms, from Windows to OpenBSD to IBM i. I appreciate the strengths of each environment, from both a practical and academic perspective.

            Part time is preferable due to other engagements poost-September, but I am available through the summer. I would be an interesting addition to your team and love to work together on interesting challenges the work environment provides. Despite my breadth of knowledge, there are still things I don’t know, and would love the oppurtunity to learn to accomplish real-world tasks.

            GitHub: https://github.com/NattyNarwhal

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              Location: France | Remote

              Type of Work: Software Engineer

              Hours: Full Time

              Contact: the-name-of-your-company at lacamb.re

              Description: Junior engineer with a master’s degree focusing on programming language theory. I have a year worth of experience working on compilers (GNAT, the Ada compiler based on GCC ; the TypeScript compiler ; Evarix, a proprietary matlab compiler) and am looking for a position related to compilation, static analysis or operating systems.

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                Location: USA anywhere

                Type of Work: Software Engineer, QA

                Hours: Full Time

                Contact: yalshalaan [at] gmail [dot] com

                Description: 3 YOE, Python, Java, C# more at http://0sl.in/aboutme

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                  Location: Portland, OR && REMOTE

                  Type of Work: Backend Development, Lead/Manager

                  Hours: Full Time

                  Contact: PM || trousers @ fastmail.fm

                  Github: https://github.com/cactus


                  In small companies and/or startups, you tend to collect and wear many hats. After having been through a couple of them, there are a few hats I have worn.

                  In the early days, there is of course lots of direct contribution. Hands on things like: DB schema design, software architecture (design/specs), api design (specs), devops (terraform/ansible), code reviews, backend feature development, communication with frontend teams, coordination, documentation, performance optimization, etc. Mostly python but some Go too.

                  Over the years, and more recently, I have picked up more managerial hats: 1-1s, developer mentoring, ticket creation/refinement (working with product teams), running sprints (“agile” or kanban), doing candidate interviews (for development and devops roles), having direct reports, having direct reports with direct reports, etc.

                  I’ve been around the block a few times I guess. I have worked on multiple projects with different teams in several timezones (remote), with various developer focuses (frontend and backend), worked with many stakeholders, PMs, designers, etc.

                  For direct contributor roles, I prefer backend development – currently python or Go, but interested in learning new things[1]. For more management focused roles, I prefer developer teams.

                  Recent Hands-on Technologies: python, flask/falcon, celery, mysql, postgresql, Go, many AWS services, ansible, terraform, buildkite, and more.

                  Less recent Technologies: many.

                  [1]: playing around with zig right now in my spare time

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                    Location: Remote, Sweden based

                    Type of Work: Development, Advisory, experience in team leadership and management

                    Hours: Contract

                    Contact: https://stevenrbaker.com/ and you can email my first name at my domain.

                    Description: I’ve been getting paid to develop software, build and lead teams, administer systems, teach software methodologies, and provide advise since 1997. Literally dozens of languages and platforms, and these days my favourites are obscure or nonexistent, so that doesn’t matter.

                    For about a decade I did mostly Ruby work, and contributed to the community and ecosystem in that time. I am the creator of RSpec, and MiniTest::Mock.

                    I enjoy doing what folks these days call “back-end” web development, but am flexible. I think I probably enjoy mobile development most. I haven’t done much JavaScript, and haven’t enjoyed it when I did so I’d rather avoid that.

                    I am available part-time hourly, or project based, and will work from my location in southern Sweden. My hours are flexible. I am looking for something to exercise my brain in ways that my current daily engagement does not allow.

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                      Location: Remote, or Seattle, WA, USA

                      Type of Work: Full Stack, Backend

                      Hours: Full Time

                      Contact: brian.otto@zoho.com


                      I am a professional with over 22 years of experience in building web applications for enterprise customers (i.e. Fortune 100 and 500). I am an expert in PHP and the LAMP stack, and I have integrated with countless 3rd party APIs over the years. I also have experience building UIs in React, Ionic, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and various CSS frameworks.

                      I’m looking for a long term, full time job with a competitive salary and good benefits. I have been working remotely for 13 years now, and I would prefer to stay that way. However, I am open to local jobs in Seattle, WA if there is the possibility of some remote days.

                      Most of my LAMP work is proprietary and behind corporate logins, but I can provide samples from personal projects if requested (these are not on my GH account). I have an interest in programming languages and have a variety of side projects in Python, Rebol and Pony. I am more than willing to put in the time to learn a new language and/or framework if the job requires it.

                      GitHub: https://github.com/BrianOtto

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                        Location: Israel | Remote Type of Work: Software Development Project Manager Hours: [Full Time, Part Time, Contract] Contact: [myLobstersUsername}@gmail.com Description: First off, I am not an engineer. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way:

                        I have been developing software as a hobby for over thirty years, and as a profession for fourteen years. I often find myself in “devops” roles though I present myself as a software developer.

                        Most of my work is in Python, PHP, and MySQL. I am familiar with the Git and the Linux stack, and have also dabbled in Java, C#, Javascript, Typescript, AWS, ElasticSearch, and some other technologies. I have successfully avoiding CSS up until now, and intend to continue to relegate that to “a front end guy”. Therefore, if you already have a front end developer, then I would likely be a great fit for developing and managing your back end.

                        Most of my work has been on the back end of web applications, including web sites and CRM systems. I have developed the websites of major national Israeli brands, and I have developed custom CRM systems of small and medium sized businesses in the United States, Mexico, and Israel. I always ensure that my software is maintainable, as I often work on small teams and I am aware that the bus factor is very small. I also usually miss estimates by only 50%!

                        I have managed small software development teams, and speak a few diverse human languages as well (English, Hebrew, and some Russian, Arabic, and Greek). I can work as a freelancer but I would prefer steady employment. I am very happy in my current job, but it did not get another round of funding and we’re in the process of closing down the company.

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                          Location: Ft. Lauderdale / FL | Remote | Relocation

                          Type of Work: Software Engineer, DevOps

                          Hours: Full Time

                          Contact: vvilliamperez@gmail.com , https://vvilliam.com

                          Description: Looking for a Junior Software Engineer position. I have experience in information technology and knowledge of swe principals looking for a full time software development opportunity. I’ve worked on internal .NET applications and websites as well as personal Unity 3D projects. I thrive chewing through complex systems and difficult to solve problems. Agile to adapt to new technologies and languages.

                          Technologies I’ve worked with: python c# .net linux sql vmware azure docker

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                            Location: Seattle, WA or remote

                            Type of Work: Full stack, back end, services

                            Hours: Full Time / Part Time

                            Contact: PM or ryan@boringtranquility.io


                            I have been working in the industry for about 4.5 years. 2 of those years have been at startups. I am looking for the same kind of learning environment I found at the startups but at a company that is “mature”. “Mature” could mean any number of things, but I guess for me it means a company that has established market fit and attempts to adhere to best practices when it comes to software. Also, it would be a plus if the company supported mentors and professional growth.

                            I have made things work with Go, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. I have used Vue and React. On the database side, I have used MySQL, PostgreSQL, and some NoSQL stuff. “What about caches?” Redis. I have exp with AWS services as well. I wouldn’t say I am expert at any one thing, but I enjoy working with most. I really would enjoy writing Python more regularly, but I am open to learning new things.

                            GitHub: https://github.com/vexhack

                            Sourcehut: https://git.sr.ht/~vexhack/

                            Personal site / blog (currently a work in progress, built using a custom static site generator): https://blog.boringtranquility.io/

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                              Location: Dallas Texas | Remote

                              Type of Work: Software Engineer, systems or backend or frontend, or devops.

                              Hours: Full Time

                              Contact: A PM here is best.

                              Description: I’ve got five years of experience in the industry while being fresh out of college. I just want to write code or design systems that make people’s lives better, even if very indirectly (trading algorithms, scheduling, that sort of backend tooling).