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    TL:DR: A bunch of features deemed as extravagant or downright dangerous by Java since 20 years, until suddenly Kotlin came around.

    Now Java is desperately trying to comb over its balding scalp.

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      Could not agree more with that statement. Until the Google/Oracle debacle didn’t happen and Kotlin delivered on features that made Java IDE vomit (generators for getter/setters) look bad, nobody took Kotlin seriously. Each feature that you see is catching up (other than GC improvements) in one form or another.

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        Don’t forget that most of the features of Kotlin are borrowed from Scala.

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        Long-term success and adding every possible feature ASAP are two different things…

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        As someone interested in GC, it is exciting to see two new low-latency GCs (ZGC and Shenandoah) released to production.

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          Right, the innovation in the Java GC space over the last couple of years has been great. ZGC and Shenandoah both have their sharp edges, but the set of options available to latency-sensitive service builders is so much better now than it was a couple years back.

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          Yet another JS engine is deprecated and abandoned because of Chrome setting an unsustainable pace.

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            I’d argue that it should be an external library anyway. Not sure chrome was the underlying reason.

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              With the rapid pace at which ECMAScript language constructs, along with APIs, are adapted and modified, we have found Nashorn challenging to maintain.

              I think this is largely driven by Chrome

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                I think I question this because how long it’s been deprecated.