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    Beautiful! clever!

    But I don’t think it is what most of the current mac pro owners want. But perhaps Apple doesn’t see them as the primary target market?

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      What do mac pro owners want?

      My guess would be a zillion CPU and GPU cores and easily expandable fast storage. Seems to fit the bill. Six thunderbolt ports makes it even easier to add storage than internal hard drive trays.

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        Sure, there is plenty of expansion via thunderbolt, but what about any internal expansion cards such as specific cards for video editing?

        And while it has two GPUs, it, as far as I can see on Apples images, has only one CPU. And the written information also only mentions processor in singular form.

        Sure you can get a pci-express to thunderbolt adapter in an external box. But that’s ugly and yet more money on top of a new machine. Or they can wait for their vendors to release specific thunderbolt interfaces for their needs. Which will cost both money and time.

        But since I am not the target market for the new Mac Pro, I obviously can be wrong.

        And perhaps those that really need more gpu power and faster cpus will buy them. But I think some will have to consider switching to PCs for their specific needs and will be vocal about their disappointment in Apples new Mac Pro.

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      It’s ugly as sin, and different for the sake of being different. Just like the mac “cube” years back.

      But the hardware is pretty awesome. If the price is reasonable I think it will be a good seller. Personally I could see myself getting one, but I want to wait to see how the whole cooling thing goes.

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        What about it do you find ugly? I think its design is fairly innocuous.