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    I saw that this was posted before by someone else, but it’s been quite a while and the project wasn’t very mature back then, so I’d like to share it again in case it may be interesting to other people, especially the *BSD folks, as it’s one of the few native clients for those platforms.

    It makes use of librespot, an awesome project with the goal of reverse engineering the Spotify protocol. In the past years some other cool projects were started with a similar intention, e.g. psst (which even has its own protocol implementation) or Spot.

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      A colleague put me onto it recently. For whatever reason I couldn’t get used to some of the default key bindings, but it’s quite customisable and after I changed those ncspot has been delightful! Robust and responsive.

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        Thank you, glad to hear that! They’re mostly based on ncmpc bindings, but may be quite opinionated especially if you’re not used to them. Finding bindings that suit everyone is quite hard I learned! :)

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        I’m not sure if it’s librespot or spotifyd specifically, but I’ve had almost no luck getting spotifyd working on FreeBSD. It tries to bind a port that’s already in use, doesn’t gracefully recover, and even when it does connect and register, most of the time the iOS Spotify client doesn’t see it.

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        Nice one! At least now I can choose music without needing to look at a list of podcasts I don’t want to listen :)

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          This is actually very usable. Well done. 👍

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            I am using it every day on OpenBSD and this client is just awesome! Supports all features I need and just needs a handful of system resources.

            @henrik: Thanks for your work on this!

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