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    I owned one of these ~22 years ago! I picked it up off eBay with the intention of throwing NetBSD on it (the default install worked, but let’s just say Y2K me wasn’t about to run WinCE on anything). Didn’t realize quite how daunting the task of getting data from outside onto the machine was going to be though… I never got it set up, and ended up letting it go a few years later. Great article, thanks!

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      Hey, thanks! I think it’s better in WinCE. NetBSD performance even on the markedly faster J690 isn’t outstanding, and I’ve read comments ( see https://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-hpcmips/2017/05/07/msg000306.html ) that it’s a bit laggy on the z50. Still, it would probably make a nice terminal with that keyboard and I like that I can jam off the shelf AAs in it.