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Hey everyone, I put my blog on IPFS finally. Hopefully more people can put their websites on IPFS after reading this.


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    So if I update my blog every other day, I will have to update my DNS records to the new hash?

    I use a statically generated folder structure. If I change one file within that folder, does the top-level hash change?

    Can you host a DB-backed site in this way?

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      If you update your blog, you can run ipfs name publish <new hash>, so your blog should update automatically with IPNS.

      If you change one file, the top level hash changes, but people won’t need to re-download the old files (I think).

      There are some projects about db-backed sites, but I’m not sure if any of them are ready yet. You can ipfs pubsub for sending p2p data to channels, I think you can use this for some dynamic content.

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        Do you still have to republish the IPNS stuff every day? When I last looked IPNS hashes would only last for one day.

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          Looks like it. I push my site ( http://chriswarbo.net ) to IPFS, IPNS and an EC2 server. I’ve not updated it for several days, and the IPNS name doesn’t resolve anymore ( http://ipns.io/ipns/chriswarbo.net )

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      IPFS is an excellent archival tool, I wish the IPFS developers and fans worked towards a “decentralized Internet Archive” instead of trying to “replace HTTP” (replace an interactive protocol with a file delivery network). Interactive server-side applications are not going away, stop trying to make that happen.

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        Can you fix the link to the place where you say you can read this article on IPFS here - where here links back to your article? I assume it should go somewhere else.

        But it looks real interesting.

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          That link is right. It’s pointed at an ipfs gateway (ipfs.io), which is what the story link here also points to. So yes, you’re reading the article hosted on ipfs.

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            As duclare said, I posted the link from an IPFS gateway instead of my server. Which means you are already reading the article on IPFS.

            Also if you have IPFS installed on your computer, you can read directly from that.

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              I misread that completely! I though it said “you can read about IPFS here” Doh!

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            I don’t know if this is a side effect, but none of the top links go anywhere. They just move the underline around.

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              They work for me just fine. Even browsing with elinks.

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                Ah, iOS. First tap only creates the hover effect. (I should have known that.)