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    Good article. The monetization of everything and having fun doing something don’t really go toghether well. I like the analogy of the home cook.

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      Loved it.

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        It’s a shame that you have to pay Apple a large annual subscription to do this for iOS. On Android, you can side-load the app (or put it in a F-Droid repo) and installing it on a friend’s phone is fairly easy. With iOS, you can install it on your own device if you put it in developer mode and connect it to your Mac and deploy it with XCode but if you want to deploy it to half a dozen friends then I don’t think there’s a good solution.

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          This is fantastic. I also sometimes create apps solely for me and my family. During the pandemic I created a bare bones ultra simple meal planning shopping app. It does exactly 3 things. Allow you to select a meal from my selection of recipes. Allow you to do inventory before you shop. Show the recipes to you for when you cook.

          No authentication. No fancy middleware. Just a single dynamic javascript web app. Barely any framework to speak of really.

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            Is anyone here running a Spring 83 server?

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