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    The new website triggered a lot of passionate opinions. I see that it launched with a different tagline than originally proposed and I really like it. It’s short and captures the essence of Rust:

    Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

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      I was one of the participants in the discussion. Loved that we made a difference, though I am a bit ashamed that I spoke out against the “everyone” part of the tagline. After thinking about it, if the Rust team’s goal is to target everyone, why should I complain?

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      I’m aware there’s a similar (awesome) post from the Mozilla folks at the front-page right now, but this one seems a bit more taxative, and perhaps gives a clearer overview for folks who already know what Rust 2018 is generally about.

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        Does rust have a feature (or working group) related to dispatching jobs onto multicore or heterogeneous/accelerator devs (GPU/DSP/etc)? C++20 may get executors, is there an analogous feature for rust that’s present or under development?

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          Others may know more details, but one of the go-to tools I’ve seen used for multicore parrellelism is rayon. I have no idea what the GPU story is, though.

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          Rust’s linter, clippy, is now available on stable Rust. You can install it via rustup component add clippy and run it with cargo clippy.

          Does this mean we can install clippy using cargo install too? That’d be great.

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            I used to do that … but the compiler APIs would change here and there, so I ended up switching to the rustup managed component once that was available as a preview. It has been great.

            Why would you want to keep using cargo install?

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              I use a tier 3 platform, so there is no rustup.