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IRIX 4dwm inspired


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    Why is it so difficult to find a screenshot of it?

    Why is the only screenshot I can find look like a fvwm theme and rox filer?

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      What is it? Edit: OK, after clicking around for a while I’ve seen hints that it’s a port or reimplementation or something like that of the SGI desktop environment for Linux and/or BSD. I’ve seen other sites that weren’t very clear on what they are actually about, but this one takes the cake… if you don’t know what MaXX is apparently they are not eager to tell you.

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        A closed-source reimplementation of SGI’s IRIX Interactive Desktop, by special permit of SGI.

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        Can’t wait for the FreeBSD release, hopefully in June.

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          Better hope for the licence to be changed then:


          1. The limited license from Silicon Graphics, Inc. permits The MaXX Desktop to be deployed and executed ONLY on the following Linux platforms; x86, x86_64 and ia64.
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            Seems to be resolved, as a FreeBSD port is on the way: https://twitter.com/maxxdesktop/status/1226596383739858946

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          I don’t understand why they need a license from SGI at all. Looking around everything appears to be a clean-room implementation or based on existing open-source code, so is it just because of the look-and-feel?

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            I’ve been watching and participating in its community (if 3.5 people count as a community) back in 2010’s, and I never got a clear answer from the maintainer. You cannot copyright look and feel, else FVWM95 would have been long taken down.