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    You can also do that for sqlite databases, though it might be too slow for big files: https://ongardie.net/blog/sqlite-in-git/

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      Has anyone ever managed to integrate Office’s native change tracking support with git to use, for example, Word as the diff viewer for Word files?

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        So you could spend a lot of time in an Office Open XML rabbit hole figuring out how to apply the relevant xml, or you could programatically open Word’s Compare Documents mode with the previous and new document. I bet a little powershell wrapper wouldn’t be too complex to create. Only issue is you might not see metadata diffs.

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          That would be cool. But why use Word itself as the diff viewer? The DOCX format is effectively zipped XML (as this article mentions), so it should be possible to extract the parts that contain Office’s change tracking elements and display them on the console similar to how diff it does (at least as long as it’s text changes…).

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            Because Word contains a diff viewer for Word diffs that shows all of the styles, comments, and so on. More importantly, it also contains merging support, so if you have the same document edited in two branches in git, if you can tell Word to handle the merge then it will be able to, whereas anything involving diffs on the XML is likely to be incredibly error-prone.

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          I would love it if some project installed lots of tools like this globally. This looks like a pretty neat way of installing it, but I’d like support for more than just images. Support for diffing all documents supported by pandoc would be nice. Sqlite3 databases also.