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    Reposting my comment because moderator @alynpost deleted it for no discernible reason, accusing me of “irony” (?) when my question wasn’t trying to be ironic or anything but an honest question. (cc @pushcx, can you talk to him?)

    This is so cool! It wasn’t clear to me from the post whether it does turn-by-turn navigation. Does it support that, or are there plans for that (e.g. via A-star pathfinding)?

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      Routing in open street map is done with OSRM. From the GitHub project linked in this article there is a link to the blog post with a routing screenshot. OSM has several routing systems available, including some that use A* routing.

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        Thanks! That clears up some of my confusion. It sounds like it doesn’t do turn-by-turn directions, but it does show you the route on the map as you move along it, so that answers my question, thanks!

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          As best as I can tell it doesn’t provide turn-by-turn directions–the only turn-by-turn support I can find is on the proprietary side of the stack. @xkomczax can you fill us in on the state of turn-by-turn directions in OSM?

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            Valhalla (https://github.com/valhalla/valhalla) provides high-quality turn-by-turn, routing, map-matching, and other related functionality based on OSM.

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        From our conversations today I know you to be quite intelligent. You do not have to pretend to be stupid, it doesn’t suit you: you are possessed of more information than you are letting on here. All of the evidence I have in the full context of our interactions suggested to me you were not being sincere. If your comment here was honest then I have erred. I’m not yet convinced that I have.

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          I did not look deeply beyond the blog post. This phrase didn’t mean anything to me because I’m unfamiliar with the tech: “OSRM was selected as a backend for routing and the selected route was again displayed on the map.”

          But I see based on your other response that that’s the answer I was looking for, so thanks again!