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      I would love to see this book completed. I think it’d be a great service to the Haskell community.

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        Having spent the last 2 years starting a (Haskell) company, my time for open source is not abundant. If things go well I’ll certainly pick it up again though.

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          I’m with him on this, I’ve just read the first 4 or 5 chapters, but I’m planning to eventually sit down and follow it through, implementing everything. If there is anything we can do (as a community I mean) to help with it, say so! At the very least I can help reporting typos :]

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          That’s completely understandable. I hope the company’s doing well.

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          No rush, we can wait :)

          I actually binge-read/reproduced write you a haskell for the last three days.

          I really enjoyed it, thanks for writing it!

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            Wonderful, makes me happy to hear people get some value out of the first manuscript.

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              Yep, its quite cool, I learnt a lot. Just being selfish in saying it would be great to have it completed. But I also understand you starting a business and having commitments. So no worries, thanks for all the fish so far!