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    AF_UNIX is supported on Windows now too, and has some advantages over named pipes: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/af_unix-comes-to-windows/

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      At the rate things are going, in 2024 Windows is just going to be a UI on top of the Linux kernel…

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        You use unix or you spend 30 years reinventingreinventing unix, they say…

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          I’ve speculated about that on lobste.rs before. To summarize a few thousand words of discussion: Windows supports legacy applications primarily via its elaborate kernel. A fully backwards compatible swap is out of the question.

          I think the recent-ish Windows Long Term Service Branch/Channel gives Microsoft a path to switch the consumer Windows kernel to Linux, and put the NT kernel into full on maintenance mode. But perhaps developing WSL on NT will always cost less than a full kernel swap? Hard to say.

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            I think I’d be okay with that.

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          If you’re into this, highly recommend checking out Beej’s Guide to Network Programming!