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    Japan used some interesting computers in the 80s and 90s, some of them unique to Japan.

    PC6601, PC8801, PC9801, x68000 are some names that weren’t exactly heard a lot outside of Japan. MSX1/2 was also very popular there.

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      Impressive that x68000 is still getting new hardware mods from the community. I think you can soup it up with a 68060 CPU, and usb/ethernet support via an expansion card.

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        The x68000 is pretty cool and I intend to eventually get one.

        But if the Amiga is a clever design which does magic with a bunch of low complexity custom chips, the x68000 is the opposite approach; they just put together a lot of state of the art hardware, making an expensive but very capable machine.

        Similarly to the Amiga (or actually worse, as the Amiga at least got ECS and AGA), Sharp did sadly not really update the x68000 after its release, which is why it eventually fell behind.