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    I just use https://github.com/tpope/vim-eunuch which includes a :SudoWrite in its list of goodies.

    Everything in the plugin is pretty easy to live without but in my mind the simple plugin to have everything on-hand is worth it.

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      Same here since 2014, with the addition of this shortcut in my rc file:

      cmap w!! SudoWrite
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        Nice! I’ve recently added https://github.com/lambdalisue/suda.vim for Neovim, but I may look at this instead, especially as it adds some other things

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        Here’s part of my .vimrc:

        " :W sudo-saves a file

        command W w !sudo tee % > /dev/null

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          This is great, really wish I thought of this earlier! Here’s a oneliner I just put into my vimrc:

          command Suwrite exec 'silent write !sudo tee "%" >/dev/null' | edit!