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    With 70+ videos, this sure seems overwhelming. Anyone have recommendations on which ones to watch?

    Also, I’m not a fan of releasing videos so slowly. I know they do it so they can keep people coming back, but some of these talks about going to be dated when they finally come out in April of 2013.

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      I don’t think it’s that overwhelming when you filter by your interests. For example, the talks I’m interested in of the ones that have been released are Stonebraker, Marz, and Hawkins. That is approximately half of them—one talk every two weeks is not that intimidating. You’re right that some of the talks may be dated in half a year, but most of them are bleeding-edge enough that the field won’t have advanced that much. I’ve started following Joshua Bloch on tumblr, and his talks are sometimes from six years ago, but are still interesting.

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        Jeff Hawkins' video about machine learning was pretty interesting. I remember reading his book On Intelligence back in 2006 and it triggered my interest in learning about how memory and cognition work.

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          “Relational Programming in miniKanren” by the authors of The Reasoned Schemer was one of the most delightful talks I’ve ever attended. It was like hanging out with two geeks geeking out about stuff, and the mind-expansion experience of relational programming made it well worth the ride. There are many highlights, but my favorite is when, on a whim, they construct a type inference system live on stage, bickering the entire time. Hilarious and wonderful.

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          Ok, I don’t have anything constructive to add, but I just got really excited. This is awesome, thanks!