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    I’ve seen Diana’s work before and it’s really impressive, this one especially so.

    I am seeing the lace rendered above the woman’s face on mobile safari, however.

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      Pretty fun to figure out how this works using Firefox developer tools. The hair and lace works really well for me, but the eyes seem a little dead, no?

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        but the eyes seem a little dead, no?

        Yes, they look super spooky on Firefox. The site in only compatible with Chrome really. From the project readme:

        Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not concerned myself with cross-browser-compatibility, so the live preview will most likely look laughable in anything other than chrome.

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        Oh, cool, she made a new one. I remember when this last made the news a few years ago. People were having a lot of fun trying it on older browsers.

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          Looks different in different browsers but great work !