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    Definitely will consider it!

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      We’d love to have you!

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      Not getting accepted to the Google SoC? Sounds like they’re pretty…. salty.

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        You can even say they there something a bit fishy about this whole response!

        More seriously, Summer of code was always a long shot. Tiny org, tiny userbase, no alignment with Google’s long term vision, no connections with the selection committee. There’s no surprise that we were rejected, and if I were running Summer of Code I’d probably have rejected us too.

        This… uh.. program.. actually started off as a typo – but I was amused by the idea of people getting cod, so I decided to go with it. It’s just a joke carried through to ridiculousness, and there’s really no bigger commentary in it.

        I just thought it would be funny to be the kind of project that ships fish to people as a ‘thank you’. Getting rejected from Summer of Code was an excuse.