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    Tried latest version. Works very well. Unfortunately the compiler crashed for me when I tried building webassembly instead of the javascript target.

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      Is this somebody ripping off emscripten? or did they write their own? Reading the docs it looks like buzzword crap. I’m going to guess it is emscripten.

      If it isn’t crap, then I think they need to redo some docs.

      edit: I’m pretty sure it is a scam, I don’t know who is upvoting this. edit edit: Wow. was posted on hacker news in 2014. Maybe it is just a site written by non native english speakers. I am super confused about reality right now.

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        by non native english speakers

        Given the users of the tech are France based companies, it wouldn’t be surprising.

        Also, after a quick look at the getting started pages, it seems like a new target for the base clang++ CLI instead of an entirely new compiler like emcc.