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    The search engine: http://getstrike.net/torrents/

    Well I’m certainly impressed. I’m doubtful for its long-term future if it’s hosted anywhere that the old-guard media moguls have influence, but it’s certainly a good look at the way things could be. I’m curious to know if there is any capacity for decentralization of the service.

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      So all the code/core systems can easily be put on a flash drive and moved to any system so long as it has 512mb of ram, 1tb of storage (for expansion sake) and a dual core cpu. While this doesn’t necessarily decentralize the application, in the event the site has the shutdown the data can easily be released for anyone to rehost. This would include the core scrapers so content can continue to grow.

      All that being said, if the MPAA comes after me, they’re going to have to justify why as this is simply one part of a larger application that aims to improve HTPCs

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        All that being said, if the MPAA comes after me,

        So, I take it from your username that you’re in the USA? I almost guarantee that if your search engine gets any popularity, the MPAA will definitely come after you, and your code, and the blood of your firstborn.

        DMCA, Title IV, Section 408: Authorization of Deadly Force.

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          I gave it a try too, and am very impressed with the quality of results.

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          I’m doubtful for its long-term future […]

          Probably not what you meant, but right now it’s down with a bad case of DDOS attack:

          Back soon, under a DDOS attack!

          Check for updates on @andrewmd5 on twitter

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            Its back, i can build to scale, but my data center obviously can’t handle a 500gb/s attack :p, they shut me off and refused to unnull route so i had to get a new ip