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    You beat me to sharing this one.

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      That’s a pretty long list, is there anything in it other than more hairshirting?

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        a lot of hairshirting, I think. Some of these projects feel kind of cargo-culted— “if we imitate the look of old computers, maybe we’ll last as long as they did! If we imitate their character set, or their languages, or their architecture, it’ll last forever just like how I remember them!”

        maybe I’m being too cynical, though.

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          I understand the desire for longevity in platforms. But if there were a disaster that wrecks society to the point chip production ends, the hardware we have left (that is rootable) is x86. If you want software that will run without (static) recompiling for decades, we already have that in both x86 and JVM.

          When it’s just done for fun / art, like UXN, I’m all for it tho :)