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    Didn’t expect to see this show up in my feed today seeing as I gave the talk ~6 months ago. River has come a long ways since then and I’ve been daily driving it for months at this point. I’ve recent put the work into writing a zig wayland scanner as well as manual zig bindings for wlroots with better ergonomics and greatly increased type safety. Void pointer casts have been reduced by 95% or more!

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      Well I wanted to watch this but the audio is terrible which makes it quite hard to understand what he’s saying.

      (what’s with talks and having terrible audio? I’ve only heard like 5 talks with good audio)

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        Sorry about that, I’m aware that the audio wasn’t great. I’m definitely planning on buying a decent mic before my next talk.

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          Sounds good! Sorry if I sounded entitled in my last message.