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    The table halfway down the page is wrong. I feel like I’ve seen it before; is it a meme? The correct entries on the right-hand side are: modules, immutability, inversion of control, typeclasses or traits, phantom types or smart constructors, the Strategy pattern, the Decorator pattern, and katamorphisms. Note how the design patterns involving control flow and composition are identical between “object-oriented” and “functional” languages; this is because the design patterns don’t know about objects, only composition of programs using application.

    Master the languages you don’t use in your work: LISP, Prolog, Haskell, Brainfuck, Piet.

    Esoteric languages and research languages should not be confused like this. Mastery of an unpopular but ergonomic language is distinct from mastery of a Turing tarpit.

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      The table halfway down the page is wrong. I feel like I’ve seen it before; is it a meme?

      It’s from Scott Wlaschin’s talk making fun of the cliche.

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      Exclusively posting your own company’s links to Lobsters is bad form. As @pushcx put it:

      Reason: And the rule of thumb […] is that self-promotion should be less than a quarter of your activity on the site. Please stop dumping links on Lobsters.

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        Note that this is activity on the site, not just the stories you post. It’s fine to post only your own stuff, as long as you’re also engaged in other discussions. The submitter of this post has, as I write this, posted three stories and one comment, in six months of membership. The one comment was a single-line post linking to their blog. That’s not someone participating in the community, that’s someone using the community for marketing.

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          And it’s also a bit of a fluff cliche piece with nothing new to add

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          Reminds me of Gertrude Stein’s observation: There is no there there.