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It’s Monday, so it is time for our weekly “What are you working on?” thread. Please share links and tell us about your current project. Do you need feedback, proofreading, collaborators?

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    My anticipated weekly Open Dylan update!

    Unfortunately, it isn’t all that exciting this week. This is in part due to spending a lot of time on my paying contract work which drained my mental energy.

    I did spend a good bit of time working on LLDB itself and will be writing about this in the future. I’m working on adding actual Dylan language support directly to LLDB rather than only relying on some external Python scripts. I’ve got a language runtime class implemented and am working on how to correctly integrate it into the various places that need it. I’m also trying to clean up how language support is integrated in some places so that this is easier for future language implementers. (If anyone knows of LLDB contract work or would like to help fund this work, do let me know. I think it is of broader use to the community.)

    I implemented support in our debugger integration for unicode characters and strings and noted a couple of bugs in our Unicode support that we’ll have to look into in the future. (Volunteers welcome!)

    I got a couple of branches merged, including some improvements to our type inference tests, but nothing too exciting. I looked at our IR execution some more, and started trying to add tests for it to see what works. Unfortunately so far, nothing works. :)

    I spent some time learning about lots of different things (as evidenced by some of my submissions to Lobste.rs this week) and planning for the future. I want my next weekly update to be more interesting.

    I’ll also be announcing a new initiative in the coming weeks which I think will be interesting to many here.

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      Thanks for another update! I love reading them each week.

      I think I know what the new initiative is, can’t wait for it. (I was going to ask you when we’d see some updates to the site, but I guess a little patience is in order…)

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      This thread not complete until there’s an Open Dylan weekly update from BruceM ..

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        Gotta admire his dedication though :-)

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          Posted! I was sleeping … I’m in a far-away timezone. :)

          What’re you doing this week?

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          FOSS land:

          • I’m finishing up small things from my 2 week open source grant from Stripe to work on urllib3, wrote about it here: Urllib3, Stripe, and Open Source Grants (shortened because markdown parsing borks on medium links)

          • I’m experimenting with getting more sponsorship/grants for urllib3, so I’m beefing up the docs with a call to action and whatnot. May even be as brazen as soliciting specific companies to sponsor. :) Scary.

          Bootstrapping land:

          • Deploying a private beta of Stripe analytics in Briefmetrics (ping me if you’d like a preview). Fairly spartan right now (screenshot) but the foundation of the framework is in place to do fun things.

          • I want to add more things related to conversions/goals to GA briefmetrics reports.

          • I lost my biggest customer a couple of weeks back with no warnings, so I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with that better. I might need to make the “Delete account” flow a little more friction-y (at least ask for a reason). :/

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            Thanks for all your continued hard work on urllib3!

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              :) And all of the amazing contributors! Only reason I’ve been able to more-or-less “coast” for much of the 6 years is that other people are actively improving it. Code reviews and architecture design takes time too but not nearly as much as putting the pickaxe to stone and crafting a ☼MASTERWORK☼ library. Errr, new Dwarf Fortress just came out, I’m clearly distracted.

              It was weird meeting some folks working at Stripe who just-so-happen contributed to urllib3 many years ago.

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                Seconded, one of the libs that I use the most often!

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              At work, continuing to work on improvements to the Ubuntu OpenStack Installer, trying to sand off more rough edges off of getting an OpenStack cloud up and running. We are eager for feedback, so you’re invited to give it a try in “single mode” - it’ll set up a simple cloud in KVMs and containers on a single machine.

              If I have other time, I’m working through the Racket tutorials with the goal of writing and deploying a dumb web app. It’s an idea I could probably whip up in Python & Django in less than a day, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to explore Racket. It’s been refreshing to dive into an unfamiliar technology with good documentation and well-considered design. Too often I have to go feel my way through some new codebase whose only redeeming quality is that it’s supposed to do something I need…

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                I’m travelling north, reunited with band of hackers. Trying to understand state of the art in ‘personal cloud’ services like owncloud and cozy cloud. Playing with Akka and Scala. Setting up various hackathons and wrestling with how to organise them.

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                  I’ve been exploring the ‘personal cloud’ space quite a bit as well. If you come up with anything, do share!

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                  This week, I’ve decided to start learning about how FPGAs are implemented and then attempt to implement a small FPGA in Chisel (and then run the FPGA - on an FPGA!). Reading the literature could take quite a bit of time, though.

                  Also, this is the last week in which this thread will be posted by bot. I haven’t been able to find anything else to do with the VPS that the bot was running on, so I’ve shut it down. In the future, I will post the threads manually.

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                    Happy to host the bot for you?

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                      Sure. I’ll add some documentation to the README on how to get it set up.

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                        OK, please contact me (details on profile, email/IRC/twitter, whatever you prefer) me once done - I’ll be happy to host it, effectively zero cost to me.

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                            OK, understood, no more lobsterbot.

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                      In the last few years the capabilities of FPGA’s have exploded. Moore’s law are driving them harder than anything else on the planet.

                      I’ve been tinkering with a Cyclone V set up and learning about them. Amazing potential.

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                        Looks like you’re new here (welcome!), so you probably haven’t seen the Cyclone V tutorials I posted in January.


                        If you have any questions about the Cyclone V, feel free to ask me.

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                          No, I didn’t see that. Looks good. Bookmarked!

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                      I’ll be continuing to work on the PureScript Book, a book for JavaScript professionals who want to learn functional programming in a strongly-typed compile-to-JS language.

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                        At work, I’m back in C working on a new project this week (that is actually something I started outside of work, before I started here).

                        Outside of work, working through some Coursera courses and in the middle of reading too many (mostly technical) books.

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                          I’m working on an accurev (source control) comparison tool, we’ve got an issue at work where code is getting promoted without being matched to a proper change request, so a little tool to work as an interface and only promote things if it finds the file name in the database. Fairly simple! At home I’m playing about with the oculus rift dev kit, if get time hoping to do something with that.

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                            Contemplating whether I should change our “plugin” definitions from an enormouse Ruby Hash based data driven variety to a per plugin Ruby fluent interface.

                            Contemplating alternate threading architectures. We currently entirely message passing / async function calls… I’m contemplate a “clerks and dockets” alternate.

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                              Updating my CV and learning Spring framework.

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                                I feel like I’m always rushing to update my CV before recruiting season; how often do you all update in actuality?

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                                  When looking for a new job, usually.

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                                    I only update my CV before the end of a contract or when going overseas, or because we ran out of money. In a 12 year dev career, never resigned and never fired. This time I’m very close to breaking the streak and calling it quits.

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                                  Documenting a library I’m about to release for (QuickCheck-style) property testing in C. There are one or two others, but they don’t do shrinking, which is crucial.

                                  Working on an integration testing tool for distributed embedded projects using MQTT, though that may not be done for a while. Also, getting an MQTT client library designed for low-memory (probably < 256 byte) systems ready for release.

                                  Maybe finally setting up a blog.

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                                    I’m reading David Foster Wallace’s Pale King in order to understand a whole series of things, some of which include: Why it is that people can read the humanities and then forget everything they were ever taught, how boring jobs are not necessarily simple jobs and can be complicated, what is “thinking” and how do we know we are? (Tip: it’s not just because we think we’re thinking that we are) It’s not easy going, the book is deliberately boring, and it’s a sort of mediation on boredom too, I’ll leave my opinions for later, but I’ve been taking this seriously, like a piece of work, so I can’t exactly recommend it for entertainment purposes. Concrete goal on this is: Have finished the book and written a few thousand words on something it inspired. Bonus: Have one of those pieces published on even if it’s some SEO spam blog thing (wouldn’t it be funny to see some actually thoughtful stuff behind a link bait “Top 10 things you need to know about…” link)

                                    I’ve also got a copy of “The Complete Guide to Macintosh Assembly Programming” and a Mac Classic at hand, for complete unbridled indulgence. What’s interesting is how the book tells you how to use some API’s such as for the printer and the funky robotic mac voices that you would never expect to see in a book on assembly programming today.

                                    For work, I quit a few weeks back sensing burn out after pulling several 70+ hour weeks and this week I’m going to try my hand at bar tending so I can spend time rekindling the fire and treating programming as a creative activity between friends.

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                                      Adding an asynchronous variant of my event counting service, that is one in which the finalization and output of counted timeseries is driven purely by the arrival of events, rather than a clock ticking.

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                                        Last week I added basic audio recording and playing support in my p2p platform Fire★ which allows you to create a simple p2p voice chat application.

                                        This week I am going to try adding a better codec besides straight PCM and mp3 such as Opus. Also more user testing.

                                        I will also try to add screens before and after a level in my secret game TCFODS.

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                                          At work, I’m finishing up a custom integration with a large vendor. Also focusing on low-hanging bugs to get myself more comfortable with the code base.

                                          At home, getting ready to launch Call to Speakers, a website for tracking conference speaking opportunities. I already have an RSS feed and a Twitter account. This week is focused on code clean up and email notifications.

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                                              $work I’ve finished the base line web app for data transparency. Learning angular was a bit hard, but I’m glad I did it. I’m now working on adding other widgets to make the interface more friendly such as a boostrapped date-picker, pdf viewer of the current page, and enabling text notifications for the progress of a file.