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Programming is hard. Programming correct C and C++ is particularly hard. Indeed, both in C and certainly in C++, it is uncommon to see a screenful containing only well defined and conforming code. Why do professional programmers write code like this? Because most programmers do not have a deep understanding of the language they are using. While they sometimes know that certain things are undefined or unspecified, they often do not know whyit is so. In these slides we will study small code snippets in C and C++, and use them to discuss the fundamental building blocks, limitations and underlying design philosophies of these wonderful but dangerous programming languages.


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    This was really nice to read! I wish there was a book that would go over these concepts (and others related to C) in more detail.

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      I was about to give up on this a few pages in, because I didn’t realise they were slides to a presentation, and so at first, I wasn’t noticing the changes in runs of pages being mostly repeated. Glad I stuck through it.