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    This is really a great thing to see - not strictly because Intels hardware announcement itself is of interest - but what it will (hopefully) inspire in the market at large may be staggering. We’ve already seen HDMI-stick-based PC’s, they’re practically a dime a dozen in the ARM and Allwinner league, &etc., but the promotion of the platform from Intel themselves - case/form-factor, ideology of stick-based-computing - really means we have a lot to look forward to.

    I am looking forward to a studio future where its a very nicely weighted keyboard, and some amazing knobs/sliders/controls/displays, into which a stick-PC is placed for new audio synthesis. The amazing thing about such a plugin system is that its within our reach today; the existing iDevice-accessory manufacturers must no doubt be working on the blueprints as I type ..

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      As far as embedded non-Windows-experience goes, 149$ is at least 50$ too expensive for this kind of a device.

      Apart from the power consumption, Intel’s problem with these new markets is always the price tag. If you can buy a complete netbook, with an integrated keyboard and touchpad, LCD, UPS etc, for only 199$, saving some 50$ to buy this instead seems just not as appealing.