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      You got to play NCSNIPES, right?

      That was the best feature of Novell Netware, I used to play ncsnipes for hours with friends.

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        We managed to regularly break Netware running that back in the day

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      Oh this bring back memories, my school division used NetWare from when I was in elementary school in the early-mid 90s right through to high school. Many a days spent messing around with it and carrying around copies of pandora(?) on floppies.

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      Netwars was the best. We always played it in school on computer lessons instead of listening for the teacher.


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      I had a physical reaction to the title and then in the post, the model number of the NIC “NE2000”. “Oh no”. This blog summoned ancient memories from synapses not fired in decades, causing a stomach churn response. Some memories of being shut in a networking closet from early career days. Some memories of trying to get a Duke Nukem game to run at home. Ancient memories of worrying about future Y2K problems and now the blog shows 1920. I guess it was bound to happen. Someone put this stuff back in the box please. :D

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      Ctrl-F “ABEND”, leaving satisfied.