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    Number of photos it can hold (avg 4MB)

    What a bogus metric. I wish people would refrain from using it.

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      Wrong article? That comment fits contextually with the comments under this article - https://lobste.rs/s/horqtr/how_big_were_first_hard_drives

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      Even the keys have a unique shape, and that’s for a reason – you can type better on them. It has that curve at the bottom edge that actually makes it less likely to make a typing error. It has a dish because your finger is curved, so it has a self-centering quality.

      It’s amusing that he describes the keycap shape as “unique” as every keycap on every machine in the 80s and 90s was curved. All the other laptop makers just managed to take big leaps backward, and now Lenovo is ahead by virtue of not making things worse.

      You know, everybody else makes square keys, I don’t know why – I guess they haven’t looked at the human finger yet. Maybe, someday, they’ll figure it out.

      Pretty much!

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        I went from Thinkpad to Macbooks several years ago and spending a lot of time thinking / prototyping with touch gestures, but occasionally miss the trackpoint.

        The questions I have regarding input though is this:

        • Does a modern-day trackpoint still have the flaw where it occasionally ‘drifts’ to calibrate ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pointing_stick )

        • In an age of pressure-sensitive touch and vibration-based haptics, has Lenovo (or anyone else) tried inventing a touch-based trackpoint that combined clicking in the trackpad such that one wouldn’t need buttons below the spacebar, or ’replacement caps?

        [Note: moved / truncated comment from the retro thinkpad thing to here, since this seems the better place for it]

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          My 2015 X1 trackpoint has two problems. After I use it, it drifts a short distance. But it’s better about not getting stuck and requiring a tap in the opposite direction like previous models. For some time now, it only goes to the right. If I want to go left, I have to get a nail under it on the right side and pull up. Reseating the cap doesn’t change anything. Problem appears to be the stick.

          I just use the touchpad. It’s a nice size and works well.