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    If you need an ad-blocker for your terminal, maybe the solution is to stop using shit from people/projects who think it’s ok to spam your terminal.

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      I see this project as more of performance art/protest than something that’s actually meant to be used in earnest.

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      I find this more troublesome than the funding experiment itself. Every day JS developers rely on thousands upon thousands of upstream modules. They are very keen to help with code but that is only half the story of maintaining software right? There is also the issue of time. Who pays for the time invested? I too have modules that are a labour of love that I invest my time because I want (and am able to). Still, the story for funding projects is quite bad. This ecosystem is not sustainable, it is built upon the churn of developers that burn out while trying to maintain software used by millions with no way to turn that into a way to pay the bills. I’m not saying getting rich, I’m talking about paying the bills.

      And then, this developer (the one who made No CLI ads), instead of using his time and effort to help tackle the funding problem that exists in FOSS, devotes their time to create an over-engineered way to stop a funding experiment that has already been stopped by the original author anyway. Their time is their to spend, but I think that as a community, our priorities are a bit skewed if we’re more worried about ads in the terminal then trying to fund a pathway for developers to fund their own FOSS modules in some way.

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        Ads are unacceptable in any medium. They are psychological manipulation designed to make you buy something you didn’t need before you saw the ad; they are mind pollutants. They drive the very consumerism that is destroying our world. The ends do not justify the means. Find another way to make money.

        And just because you can’t think of another way to make money doesn’t mean ads are okay.

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          Who said I can’t think another way? I’m activelly working on alternative funding schemes for my own projects, none of which are Ads based. What I complained is not that we should support Ads, but that we should be happy that people are trying to think more about funding and sustainability of FOSS which is kinda unsustainable right now.

          I don’t like this monicker of consumerism and world destroying being applied to me when my main projects are focused on decentralization technologies specifically made to have no financial incentives exactly because I want to avoid consumerism.

          If you read my message, I will notice that what I actually say is that people devote too much time fighting against ads instead of pursuing alternative paths. And that if such efforts were used towards thinking about funding (I dont have the answer either), we would be in a better ecosystem.

          Instead of engaging like you just did, you could maybe try working towards better solutions. Maybe you already are, after all I don’t know nothing about you too. I’d love to hear more about what pathways you see for funding. I am not saying this in a sarcastic way or with any subtext. I’m tryint to steer this convo into a productive path where we can learn more about shared values and insights then combative tones. We all want a sustainable ecosystem where a developer of dev tools can pay the bills through his work.

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        That’s cool, but having a persistent background process for this? Seems a bit over-engineered.

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          The price of freedom (from unwanted ads) is eternal overengineering.

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          What a mean-spirited thing to do :(

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            Just to make sure I’m on the same page here, this is software (ad-blocker) to stop software (npm), which downloads other software (libraries) that helps you write software?

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              I like the idea of suppressing ads, but why a running process intead of, say, a wrapper around npm, or something you call instead of npm?