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      Does NETunnelProvider not provide an out for custom vpn protocols and tor?

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        Ah, it does appear so.

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      You can’t determine if a link is a universal link for a given user (which requires them having the associated app installed on their device), but you can tell if it supports universal links by checking a domain for an apple-app-site-association file (e.g. http://google.com/apple-app-site-association).

      This could allow a privacy conscious mobile browser to conservatively remove links that support universal linking, regardless of whether or not they would have opened a native app if clicked on that user’s device.

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      I hadn’t seen Endless before, looks good, if I had an iOS device I would try it out.

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      Off-topic: What in the hell led you to “Gorilla Hot Cheeto” on eBay? (This is, unfortunately, now in my eBay search history. Thanks, pal.)

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        I was trying to find a witty eBay auction to link to and remembered there was a Harambe cheeto that actually sold for many tens of thousands of dollars.