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    Infinitely more useful than the standard touchpad-disabling drivers that come with all laptops.

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      Re: touchpad disablement… I find I like them better if I just disable “tap to click”. No one other than Apple has gotten the general touch disablement right for any laptop I’ve used, but turning off tap to click makes it completely unimportant.

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      Slightly off-topic, but the writing in this post is quite funny! Perhaps I’m just highly susceptible to self-aware PM/engineer jokes :)

      Yes, this uses X11, no, it hasn’t been tested on Wayland. No, it almost certainly won’t work there. Patches may be welcome, so long as it doesn’t break X11 stuff.

      Could this work on Wayland? From my understanding of how Wayland tries its best to separate applications, I don’t think this is even possible without some tricks. Perhaps Pipewire provides functionality for this type of thing? I recently had to use Pipewire for screencasting (because Wayland apparently just doesn’t serve that use-case?!?), so maybe this sort of thing is potentially possible in Wayland.

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        This is a great idea. I need a version that can talk to an iPad and mute me there when I’m typing, as I’ve started taking conference calls where I don’t need to share my screen from there, mostly because of the better camera.

        I wonder if a background application on the iPad could even do something like that… It seems reasonably likely that a push notification would be needed and that would add enough latency to make it not worth the effort to build.