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    Interesting talk! I wonder how the output of the cozy-profiler looks like might want to package it for arch.

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      The profile viewer is a web app, which has a public version running here: https://plasma-umass.org/coz/

      If you click ‘Load a profile’ there, you’ll see it includes some sample profiles.

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        Yeah, I wondered why I couldn’t load it locally, that would be my preference.

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          It’s entirely client-side, and source code is in the repository: https://github.com/plasma-umass/coz/tree/master/viewer

          I haven’t checked, but maybe their deb contains a prebuilt version.

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      This talk communicates so much at different levels. The biggest take away isn’t that performance is so predicated on layout, but that we all had this cognitive blind spot for so long. Much like these side channel and speculation flaws in modern processors. It really is follow on work from the Mytkowicz et al paper, “Producing Wrong Data Without Doing Anything Obviously Wrong”.