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    I have been doing a lot of thinking on burnout and mental health recently. This is the product of a lot of research into these, as well as the effects of hobbies on mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

    It was wonderful to be able to combine sharing my miniature painting hobby and some of this thinking.

    It’s especially important this time of year to be cognizant of mental health concerns. A big way to help spread this awareness is to talk and write about it.

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      Thank you for writing about this! I really appreciate it.

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        Thank you for this. :)

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          There’s something telling in that we should be the two people to comment on this … (something something trans something something)

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        +1 quotes from Bob Ross ;)

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          Thank you for writing this. Sometimes depression is bad enough that hobbies get put aside, but I’ve realized that hobbies that have “small wins” and are non-techie are often the best for getting some positive thinking back in one’s head.

          btw, you wrote:

          And sometimes we even create false limits for ourselves because we are unsure we will be able to

          Is there a missing word here?

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            Excellent article. I don’t think I currently have a problem with depression, but I am always eager to learn from people who have/are dealing with it to hopefully gain some insight on how to prevent it from happening to me. Thanks for writing this.