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    Impressive changelog entry: https://github.com/citusdata/citus/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#citus-v1102-june-15-2022

    What I was awaiting the most is:

    • non-blocking writes during shard rebalancing
    • tenant isolation
    • row-level policies
    • triggers
    • view (and others) propagation
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      I’m waiting for proper resource limits. At the moment anything involving columnar tables ignores the memory limits, so it’s trivial to crash the server if your table has the right sort of data.

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        Indeed, it seems Citus is approaching Vertica territory, but in open source. For what it is worth, Vertica also does not support triggers (unless things changed more recently)

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          triggers are now officially supported in citus (you could already do it by (ab)using https://docs.citusdata.com/en/v11.0/develop/reference_propagation.html